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"Plan Be: Active Senior Volunteers" is an European project under the Erasmus+ / Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education, which focuses on creating an innovative program to promote Active Ageing and Lifelong Learning through involvement in volunteer work, addressing issues such as European citizenship, environment, intercultural dialogue, and social inclusion, among others.

'Plan Be' aims to promote Active Ageing and Lifelong Learning, based on four components:

1) Fostering involvement in volunteer work and community activities as a key strategy for active ageing and active citizenship

2) Developing and consolidating adult educators competences in order to structure active ageing program initiatives for senior citizens;

3) Contributing to a positive impact on local development in a sustainable way, considering senior citizens as key agents

4) Contributing to the sense of belonging to Europe, as European Citizens, by creating a program with a transnational component.

The project will include the following main activities:

- 5 transnational project meetings;
- Mapping and Survey;
- Creating the Program to promote Active Ageing through Volunteering, including:

» Structuring the Program;
» Training for staff who will be involved in the pilot phase;
» Pilot phase implemented at local level in each country;
» Evaluation and validation results and adjustments to the program.

- 4 Local Multiplier events (1 in each country) to disseminate the project and its results;
- Mobility of Senior Volunteers (1 week program in Slovenia);
- Transnational event (Final Event) to disseminate the project and its results (to be held in Slovenia).

‘Plan Be’ is a 2 year project between organizations (public and private) from Portugal, Italy, Slovenia and Finland, however the project is framed within a long-term perspective and planned with a view to achieve a multiplying effect and sustainable impact.


This project has been co-funded with support from the European Commission. This publication and all its contents reflect the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.